About Us – Solar Training Courses


Be the world leader in providing renewable and eco-friendly solutions by leveraging our technological and human prowess to energize a greener earth that will empower mankind to reach the heights of human excellence in harmony with nature.


Serve all our stakeholders by delivering products and services which utilize the infinite, renewable, and eco- friendly energy of the nature.

We believe that profit is not the reason for our business. Rather it is the useful by-product of our intention to grow together harmoniously as enshrined in the dictum: SAMASTHA LOKA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU [ May all the worlds be happy]

Intensely strive for excellence in all our endeavors and dealings with all stakeholders to meet the world’s energy needs.


Integrity The management lays utmost emphasis on honest and transparent dealings. Human values like truth, love, patience and harmonious co-existence form the core of our corporate existence. Unity of thought, word and deed is at the very foundation of our edifice.

Human capital development “Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.” In keeping with this, we constantly endeavor to enhance the individual potential of each employee. We strive to foster an environment which will aid the development of human excellence of all our employees. We believe in conducting our business in environments which we understand well and which are conducive to organizational goals in the long term.

Service to Society is service to oneself We seek to continually improve the quality of life of our employees and the society that we serve. We believe that this is the core driving factor for the company. The company has committed minimum of 5% of its net profits as contribution towards the pursuit of excellence in human values and service to the needy. The company firmly believes that true asset creation is one that helps society in maximizing human potential in harmony with nature.

Diversity We promote and manage diversity of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities and are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, creed or religion.

Change, Learning and Innovation “The only thing constant in this world is Change”- Anon. Iacharya is a learning organization that embraces change as a propeller for innovation and opportunity for greater success. We believe in continuous improvement in all aspects of management to be at the forefront of technological advancement and managerial excellence.

Quality Ensuring the highest standards of quality and excellence in all our products and services and transparency in our processes and business dealings, thereby creating value for clients, shareholders and society.


Mr R.Karthik

Chairman & Managing Director

Holds a Masters in Energy Management from ESCP, Europe, MBA from west Coast univ, USA and B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Madras University. Has over 19 years Marketing and general management experience in running various industries in Solar, Auto component, Chemicals and Information Technology Industry verticals . Has been involved actively in the technical collaboration of Pentafour and Solec International( sanyo�s subsidiary) for setting up manufacturing in solar in 1993. Recently has been, actively involved in end to end EPC consultancy under the JNNSM solar vision for corporate / quasi government bodies and for implementation of solar power plants ranging from KW to MW.
Mrs. Uma Ramakrishnan


Holds Post graduate degree with over 45 Years of Experience in Management, Manufacturing and Technology initiatives in the fields of Auto Components, Chemicals, Information Technology and Solar Photovoltaics. Has been involved in solar materials trading and Solar panel manufacturing facility since 1993. She is also running an Auto Component industry catering to the needs of Hyundai & TVS Group.
R. Suresh

Technology Strategist

+30 years experience in the Indian Photovoltaic Silicon Market. Has held key positions in BHEL in solar manufacturing.His strengths include sourcing of materials, equipment and marketing Silicon and PV products in India and globally. In the last 2 years he is actively involved in assisting the company in technology on solar applications based on the need and requirements on grid and off grid applications.
Arun Natarajan

Technology strategist

Arun Natarajan has over 22 years of experience in the semiconductor, thin films, and nanotechnology business. He started his career at Seagate Technology in Minneapolis, MN, where he spent over 11 years in various roles in Senior Management within Wafer Process Engineering including Wafer Metrology where he pioneered breakthrough technologies that set industry benchmarks in thin film processing. He has collaborated extensively with groups in NIST, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Army Research Labs, USA towards advancement in semiconductor processing technology. More recently he was General Manager, R&D, with MoserBaer Photovoltaic Ltd, spearheading development activities in crystalline Silicon and amorphous silicon solar cells. Arun is also a Six Sigma Black Belt and holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, USA, an MBA from University of Minnesota, USA. He has headed operations for Apollo Tyres, India and been director operations for Dell computers , India. Currently he is the Principal Director on R& D in Seagate technologies, USA and plays an active advisory role in the strategic planning and future of the company.