iacharya Certificate Courses

This short course will enable the participants to get knowledge in design review and vetting & forecasting techniques. The candidates will have vast knowledge in the best practices adopted in rooftop & utility scale projects. The successful candidates shall have vast opportunities for employment in the growing Solar Energy power project’s installation, operation & maintenance.


4 Chapters
This course is primarily for solar sales professionals responsible for the sales process and the non-installation aspects of commissioning residential and light commercial solar power plants.


12 Chapters
Solar Photovoltaic technology is one of the most important recourses of renewable energy. Hence there is a need to develop software tools which is able to determine the potential energy output characteristics and operating performance of PV system. Photovoltaic system design softwares such as PVsyst, PVSOL, SAM facilitate preliminary calculations and design of solar photovoltaic Power Plants.


4 Chapters