Best Practices – Sales


In recent times, green energy has shown up a bright side of changing the world into its cleanest form. And thus there are more organizations around the world who have put their interest on solar systems and doing their best in giving the best optimum solutions to their customers. So a Solar company has more responsibility in creating an awareness on the reliability and benefits of going green. A Solar Sales professional in each of these company have the biggest deal of getting this solar technology reach the people. A few practices that makes the sales a successful one are listed below, which includes a solar product, solar EPC Solutions etc. :

  1. KNOW THE BASICS: Before approaching a customer to sell a solar product e.g. A Solar Garden Light or a roof top Solar PV system or for any other solar based solutions it is must the sales professional should know the technology, working principle and the method of operations that covers everything about the product or solution. Not every customer knows about the system and technology , so it essential for a sales person to describe and make the customer understand a bit of the technology so that he will be able to analyze the benefits of getting into clean energy.

Figure: Solar Roof System / Solar Garden Lights


  1. DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY AND BEING HONEST: A key point for all professionals. Being honest to customer, giving a reality sketch about the solar systems will lead to further approach of the customers. Do not over confidence your customer by walking through unreal facts. Give an honest reply about the possibilities of solar systems in his location and a real cost analysis Vs quality of the solutions.
  2. DO NOT CONFUSE YOUR CUSTOMER: At any cause do not submit too many options and confuse the customer to select one of them. A sales professional should know well about the solution and the best options, e.g. a PV system with or without battery / with or without Generators Vs cost for two options.
  3. KNOWING THE FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS: Know from your customer’s financial requirements, like whether customer needs financial assistance. Ask if customer is looking to pay cash or if financing will be needed.
  4. SOFT SKILLS: A good communication skill builds the best level of understanding between the customer and the professional. Knowing the regional language of sales is very essential.
  5. ASK QUESTIONS: Do not assume that you know the customer’s needs completely. Prepare a set of questions and detailed notes to give the best solution. Do not hesitate to ask questions.
  6. FOLLOW UP: A Valuable customer are the biggest assets for any organization. Do not stop following up a customer with the very first approach. Follow up with them at regular intervals through calls or email.
  7. DO DUE DILIGENCE: Do not assume a value and go for an accurate value. Get an accurate tool that does the saving analysis, annual power output and various other values that will standardize your product or solution.
  8. KNOW THE DEMAND: Do not underestimate the load value which creates a lot of impact on the complete system.
  9. GOOD INSTALLATION: Any satisfied customer will surely come back. Keep up the sales work by giving the best installation and monitoring systems.