Best Practices In Design & Implementation Of Solar Power Plants With An Overview Of Techniques In Energy Yield Estimation/ Forecasting

This short course will enable the participants to get knowledge in design review and vetting & forecasting techniques. The candidates will have vast knowledge in the best practices adopted in rooftop & utility scale projects. The successful candidates shall have vast opportunities for employment in the growing Solar Energy power project’s installation, operation & maintenance.

4 Chapters


1. Solar Energy & Power Forecasting Techniques – R.Karthik, Managing Director (Iacharya Silicon Limited).

2. Due Diligence Services & Best Practices in Rooftop & Utility Scale Power Projects – S R C Sathyanarayan, Senior Consultant – Solar.

3. Energy Yield Estimation & Power Plant Performance Analysis Using PVsol – Deepanker Bishnoi, Capacity Building Specialist, Consultant – USAID PACE-D TA Program, Exclusive Partner of Valentine Software (Germany), Certified Master Trainer of Skill Council for Green Jobs, Certified Assessor of IFC (A World Bank Group), Domain Expert – Solar Research Wing, GERMI.

Course expiry – One year(365 days).

This conference took place on April 14 at Hitex Hyderabad. The original booking cost was INR1599, due to huge demand we have converted it as a course and priced it at INR799. Each and every chapter/topic will have the original presentation as a PDF which is NOT downloadable.

Must Read Before Purchase – The sessions were recorded using a video camera. Certain presentations are not clear, you will need to download the trial version of PVsol software and follow with the speaker. Purchase the course if you agree with this, no refund will be provided after you purchase the course.

Software requirements for PVsol software trial version:

1.Internet Access.
2.Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
3.Memory: 4 GB
4.Hard Disk Drive: 850 MB
5.Monitor Resolution: at least 1.024 x 768 pixel
6.Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7
(latest service packs each), Windows 8, Windows 10
7.Graphics: DirectX- compatible (at least Version 9.0c), 1 GB,
OpenGL – Support
8.Other: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 Redistributable Package

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Solar Energy & Power Forecasting Techniques – An overview: Shri R.Karthik

Chapter 3

Design Review and Vetting: Shri S R C Sathyanarayan

a. Identifying gaps in the design with a case study
b. Micro/macro level changes in design if any
c. Comparison & analysis of initial estimated generation at the time of commissioning & observed data at site.

Due Diligence Services – An overview: Shri S R C Sathyanarayan

a. Results of the visual inspection of the plant
b. Thermal imaging according to the sampling plan of IS 2500
c. Power quality analysis – AC & DC side.

Chapter 4

Energy Yield Estimation & Power Plant Performance Analysis Using PVsol : Shri Deepanker Bishnoi

a. Energy yield estimation considering degradation factors
b. Performance analysis & losses explanation
c. Power forecasting
d. Different case study for simulation of rooftop & utility scale projects.

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