Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Solar Utility Scale Power Projects

This course will enable the participants to effectively work on design, establishment and management of solar utility scale power projects. The successful candidates shall have vast opportunities in getting wider knowledge in the areas of concept development & feasibility study, site identification, feasibility study, detailed system design, engineering, construction & commercial operation, operational performance monitoring of solar MW power projects. This course will be of great interest to homeowners or business owners who are interested in investing in solar power, and students of science or simply anyone who would like to learn more about renewable energy.

12 Chapters

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to solar energy

Chapter 2 - Site Selection

Chapter 3 - Fundemental Aspects of PV System Design

Chapter 4 – SLD for MW Plants

Chapter 5 – String Vs Central Inverters

Chapter 6 – Inspection Plan for Civil Works in Solar Power Plants

Chapter 7 – Soil Sampling & Analysis

Chapter 8 – Control Room

Chapter 9 – Transformers

Chapter 10 – SPV Power Plant Monitoring & SACDA

Chapter 11 – IEC 62446 – Testing & Commissioning Requirements

Chapter 12 – Operation & Maintenance