Webinar On Sky Camera & it’s Applications in Forecasting – Utility Scale Projects and Rooftop Installations

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About The Speaker :

Mr. Arindam Roy is a Doktorand (PhD student) at Oldenburg University and Researcher at DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems, Oldenburg, Germany.

Overview :

Sky camera based solar prediction tools are the latest additions to the inventory of solar power forecasting technologies, and are capable of providing intra-hour forecasts with high spatial (order of meters) and temporal (order of seconds) resolution. Their operating principle is based on the detection of cloud and the estimation of cloud motion from ground based sky images. The high resolution and short forecast horizon makes it well-suited for providing accurate intra-day schedule/ power exchange bid revisions, thereby reducing deviations. Due to the dynamic and non-linear nature of weather systems, a single technique cannot cover all forecast horizons (minutes ahead, hours ahead, day or days ahead). Sky imaging systems therefore occupy a niche role in the larger context of solar forecasting systems.

Learning Objectives

  1. How does the sky camera based forecast system work?
  2. What are the different possible applications of sky camera based forecasts?
  3. What are the different possible configurations of sky camera setup?
  4. What are the benefits of combining different forecast techniques?

Key Takeaways

  1. Basic Image processing principles involved in producing sky camera based forecasts.
  2. Forecast horizon and forecast resolution of sky camera based output products.
  3. Sky camera based output products for solar PV and solar thermal plants.
  4. Network of sky camera systems for distribution grid feeder level forecast.
  5. Combination of weather information from NWP, satellite image and sky image – towards a composite multi-horizon forecast system.

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