Webinar On Essential System Requirements For Implementing Solar Power Forecasting Project

1 Chapter

Deputy Director
R&D and RDAF Division,NIWE
DATE: 05-JUNE-2020
TIME: 02.00PM – 03.30PM

This course gives bird eye view of the physical solar power forecasting model and its data management system requirement in three sections. The first section, we will discuss about the data management system to handle a typical wind/solar resource data and meteorological (NWP) data. It gives the overall idea on implementing Data cleaning, Data Quality check and Data management system before using the data to forecast model chain.

The second section we will discuss the various process involved in NIWE’s solar power forecasting model for a typical PV power plant.

In The final section, we will discuss about our ongoing research projects on Intra-day solar Power forecasting using satellite images and Intra-hour solar power forecasting using Sky Camera technique.

Key Take-away Points:

A) Wind/Solar Resource Data and NWP Data management
o Data Cleaning system
o Data Quality check process
o Data Management system
B) Physical model of Solar Forecasting system
o Day-ahead Solar Power Forecasting model chain
o Intraday Solar Power Forecasting using Satellite Images
o Intra-hour Solar Power Forecasting using Sky Camera