Essentials For Starting Solar Business


The solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity. The Solar System produces a large quantity of photo-voltaic electricity to meet large power requirement. The Minimum size of the system Ranges from KW to MW. Solar power have several wide range of applications from Industrial power needs to individual homes.

Solar Related Business:

• Solar Installation Business – Installation & commissioning of the complete solar system.
• Solar Sales Business – Market the systems to residential and commercial and get commission on each sale after installation.
• Solar Manufacturing Business – Manufactures of panels , inverters, structures and all other related accessories.
• Solar Parts Business – Sell solar systems and parts purchased from wholesalers and manufacturing companies.
• Solar Tax Credit Expert – Help mostly business to figure out the solar tax credit maze to make sure they get the proper tax credits.
• Solar Consultant – Giving awareness, solar implementation and benefits about the system.
• Solar Maintenance Business – Offer an annual maintenance check on installed systems to make sure they are working properly and look for other ways to cut down on electricity usage.
• Energy Consultant – Focuses on all types of alternative renewable energies and other ways to conserve energy and sells their services to both residential and Industries.

Applications of Solar Photo-voltaic :

• On grid System: These systems, are grid connected and produce a large quantity of photo-voltaic electricity to meet large power requirement.
• Off grid System: These systems allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on grid.
• Solar street light: Solar street light uses solar energy as an energy source.
• Solar water pumping: Water pumping is one of the simplest and most appropriate uses for photo-voltaic. From crop irrigation to stock watering to domestic uses, photo-voltaic powered pumping systems meet a broad range of water needs.
• Solar water Heaters: A solar thermal device captures and transfers the heat energy available in solar radiation which can be used for meeting the requirements of heat in different temperature ranges.


1 No Pollution, eco-friendly
2 Solar Energy is a truly renewable energy source
3 Save on Energy bills
4 Low maintenance cost
5 Technology development
6 Government Incentives offered by both state & central
7 Reliability: Very Durables& Reliable ,Free Maintenances
8 Subsidies of MNRE and loans available at low rates from banks as well .

Are you looking for solar Business? The following key steps to start :


Licensing : States establish licensing requirements for contractors to protect consumers from unsafe practices and to ensure systems are installed properly.

Certification : There are certified courses are conducted by Government sectors and other private Companies tie up with government. That certification is mandatory to be the Entrepreneur at your own place and more trusted Vendor and obtaining all statutory certificates related to I&C.

Step 2:

Company Name : The company description outlines vital details about your company, such as where you are located, how large the company is, what you do and what you hope to accomplish. The company description of your business plan describes the vision and direction of the company. More over help the customer to know about the status of the company whether it is an public sector or private sector.

Step 4:

Tax Incentives : To taking the time and effort needed to research incentives in your state is the best way to ensure that you are aware of all of the incentives for which you qualify. Some states offer additional tax credits for installing a solar panel system. you can deduct a portion of the cost of your solar panel system from your state tax bill. These amounts vary significantly by state. Accelerated depreciation is available for plant owners up to 40% in first year and this can help one sell better.

Step 5:

Suppliers : Choosing the right suppliers is essential for your business for supplying quality products at reasonable cost. Other factors which we have to look for their – reliability and time of effective delivery of goods. The most effective suppliers are those who offer products or services that match effective for your business. So when you are looking for suppliers, it’s better to more sure about your business needs, rather than simply paying for what suppliers want to sell.

Step 6:

Develop a website : Website can help grow your sales & Leads. It gives you a chance to gain more clients that can help your business grow. A website is more environmental friendly when it comes to advertising and market.

Step 7:

Digital Marketing : Digital marketing is the heart for business. We have to do digital marketing through, SEO, Face book, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc. Most aspects of your business is mainly depends on successful marketing. Continues Marketing and Advertising is the most effective way to develop your products.