NABCEP Certification Course at Iacharya

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Solar Certification courses

Certifications based on solar or any other fields of renewable energy gives the holder a dual asset, one in the form of entrepreneurial credibility and the recognition globally, the other. In the present gaining, ample knowledge in the scope of solar energy, PVs, Solar rooftops is as easy as staying in the comfort zone. Many reputed universities, universally accepted organizations, and institutions provide such online courses.
Solar certification helps the industrialists to validate the innovations and professional skills, thereby providing the candidates’ job opportunities. Since this field holds huge future potential growth, it requires a mandatory specification provided by a trained individual. Get paid for a solution to the environmental problem with all the skills you have learned.

NABCEP certification in India

NABCEP Stands for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and is the most respected and globally recognized certification organization for skilled professionals in the field of newly emerging renewable energy. It offers certifications and credentials for professionals, specialists, and new aspirants of photovoltaics, solar heating, and innovative wind technologies, etc.

Types of NABCEP Board certificates in Photovoltaics

● PV Design Specialist
● PV Installer Specialist
● PV Installation Professional
● PV Technical Sales Professional
● PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist
● PV System Inspector.

Benefits of NABCEP Certification

This certificate act as a source of utmost authorization of skill, experience, and knowledge in the solar (renewable energy) industry. Since the certificate is globally recognized, the holder of NABCEP certification will gain access to selling, designing, installing, and operating photovoltaic systems in and around. The holder receives access to trade in the online stores. It validates your knowledge, enhances your reputation and credibility in this field along with marketability.

Iacharya’s NABCEP courses details

1. Solar Photo Voltaic Off-Grid and On-Grid Design and Installation:

This course introduces you to the basics of Photovoltaics (PVs), the application of Photovoltaics, various uses of solar energy, conversion of solar energy into electricity, Solar cell operation, domination of crystalline silicon cells, challenges in Grid integration, From a more scientific point of view, learn and explore the designing and installation of Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar PVs. In the end, learn about the economics behind and financing of PVs during the rise and fall of production and demand.

2. Design, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Solar Utility-Scale Power projects:

This course will help you understand the Usage and impacts of PVs in the day-to-day world, comparison between utilization of Pvs with other competing sources. This course will introduce you to a new world of designing solar cells, thin-film semiconductors, crystalline semiconductors, the process in operation, and procedures in maintaining the Solar Utility-Scale Power projects. This course takes you from the micro-level of solar cells to the macro perspective of modeling a utility-scale solar farm.

3. Solar PV Technical Sales Professional:

This course is offered only for Technical sales professionals, not for Solar installers. If you are a professional striving hard to improve your sales planning, marketing, and management competency, Iacharya is the best place. This course will help you fulfill the demands that you seek by teaching you the sales planning process, bridging the gap between strategy and sales, and much more. Increase your specialization with us.

4. Solar Site Analysis and Energy Yield Estimation with PVSOL, PVsyst, and SAM software application:

Any installer of solar panel must inspect the site to which the solar panel is required to be placed. The fact that estimation of electricity or power required at the site has to be calculated to place the right set of solar panels. This course helps you do the task as comfortable as possible as it helps you acquire a detailed understanding of using software applications that are currently used by many global industrialists. Here you will learn more about site selection, Evaluation of appropriate locations for PVs, aesthetics, and tools of Utility-scale solar applications as required by rural, urban, and industrial.