Certified courses on Renewable energy Chennai

Why choose Renewable Energy Courses?

All around the world, energy demand is increasing day by day. The best solution for it would be producing and conserving an enormous amount of energy. Here arises an undeniable need for renewable energy resources as they are not limited and also clean and green. Hence renewable energy is a nations' biggest asset as it helps in conserving limited natural resources. It has its own diverse merits like it supplies reliable power and fuel and there will not be more demand for importing fuels from the global market. What happens if there is more demand, the price increases, and the production increases. Online certified courses on renewable energy play a major role in the production and distribution of renewable energy.

What do you learn in this course?

This course, first of all, is not based on theory. It aims to provide knowledge based on a real-world day-to-day application, case studies, and practical learning. We make a difference by teaching tips and tricks like, from generating renewable energy to generating wealth through the same energy produced. we assist candidates in analyzing a problem, giving solutions to the same problem using green methods. we also guide the candidates if they show interest in entrepreneurship and innovation skills based on renewable energy.

Course Syllabus in renewable energy

• Environmental culture • General physics • General chemistry • Electronics • Fluid mechanics • Energy conversion • Photovaltic energy system • Design of wind energy system • Power electronics • Environmental impact of energy • Energy legislation • entrepreneurship skills • Energy economics and management • Green building design • Modelling and simulation • Special topics in renewable energy Candidates will be given the choice to choose their area of interest in the field of renewable energy after the orientation session.

Why choose renewable energy as your career?

Globally there is a huge insistence on energy to be sold and saved. So there is an appealing disparity in the buying and selling price of Renewable Energy Certificate, commonly called RECs. and most importantly it is a Green job, meaning this kind of jobs gained attention because of their growing demand in the industry. And India is expected to have a huge potential to move into a fully renewable electricity system by 2050 as per the research by the University of Technology, Finland. Many productive roles are awaiting, the worthy challenging candidates. A six-digit salary, hence fulfilled. Both in technical and business prospects, this career is a wholesome plate of favorites.

why REC, Renewable energy certificate is important?

In countries like the United States, RECs are also known as Green Tags, Renewable Energy Credits (REC), or Tradable renewable certificates (TRCs). It is tradable and also acts as proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is produced from a qualified renewable energy source added to the connected power lines which bring out the energy. To keep it mandatory, the renewable portfolio standard, many states, and countries created and paved a way for the emergence of the RECs market through legislative action as pollution is a way ahead. Those who produce Solar, Wind, and Geothermal, biomass, fuel cells, green heat and power systems, landfills will also be qualified as producers of RECs.

FAQs for renewable energy Certification

1. What is the objective of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) mechanism? REC is one of the market orientation mechanisms provided by Renewable Energy Certificate Registry of India. It is brought in to promote renewable energy resources and assist the progress thereby providing consent for Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO). As the renewable energy resources are depleting rapidly, It aims at decoding and providing the solutions for the recurring problems in the state in terms of energy. 2. Who is eligible for REC? Any power generating company which generates energy from renewable source which comes under the umbrella and fulfills the terms and conditions required by Renewable Energy Certificate Registry of India. 3. How do I get a renewable energy certificate? The eligible entities can apply in one of iacharya online course Certificates after equivalent power generation from eligible renewable energy projects. 4. What can you do with a renewable energy certificate? The uses of REC are: One REC is treated as equivalent to 1MWh • It can be traded • Could be purchased by obligated entities • can get revenue from the sale of electricity component of Renewable Energy generation