Best Practices In Design & Implementation Of Solar Power Plants With An Overview Of Techniques In Energy Yield Estimation/ Forecasting


This short course will enable the participants to get knowledge in design review and vetting & forecasting techniques. The candidates will have vast knowledge in the best practices adopted in rooftop & utility scale projects. The successful candidates shall have vast opportunities for employment in the growing Solar Energy power project’s installation, operation & maintenance.



Course Duration – 365 days(One Year).

Passing marks – 60%

The final exam will have one essay type question and 11 objective type questions, the essay type questions will have to be uploaded in text, doc or docx formats only. Total questions are 12.

Must Read Before Purchase – The sessions are recorded using video camera. Certain presentations are not clear, you will need to download the trial version of PVSol software and follow with the speaker. We have also added the presentation document under the videos. The are NOT downloadable. Purchase the course if you agree with this, no refund will be provided after you purchase the course.

Software requirements for PVsol software trial version:

1.Internet Access.
2.Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
3.Memory: 4 GB
4.Hard Disk Drive: 850 MB
5.Monitor Resolution: at least 1.024 x 768 pixel
6.Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7
(latest service packs each), Windows 8, Windows 10
7.Graphics: DirectX- compatible (at least Version 9.0c), 1 GB,
OpenGL – Support
8.Other: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 Redistributable Package