Solar PV Technical Sales Professional


This course is primarily for solar sales professionals responsible for the sales process and the non-installation aspects of commissioning residential and light commercial solar power plants.


Course Duration – 129 days(on the 129th day the course will expire).

Passing marks – 60%

The final exam will have one essay type question document with 4 questions, these have to be uploaded in text, doc or docx formats only. Total questions are 27.

The training course will cover extensively the concepts of solar photo voltaic both grid tied and off grid stand alone systems.

Objectives of the course :

  • The course is aimed at technical sales representatives responsible for site analysis, financial analysis, & initial system design.
  • To determine the appropriateness of a prospective solar electric system following an evaluation of the client’s site and needs.
  • To determine whether the existing or planned electrical distribution system is suitable for interconnecting a PV system.
  • To establish a conceptual design to accurately estimate the cost of a PV system during the sales process.
  • To determine the net cost of a project and the net savings which are fundamental for analyzing the economics of a project.
  • The financial benefit analysis and clear understanding of financing methods/options
  • Knowledge about non-financial benefit analysis including Environmental benefits, Energy Independence benefits, Distributed energy systems benefits and Economic benefits (jobs).
  • To provide a proficient solar proposal.