Solar Training in Chennai

Why Solar Energy Training?

In the current technological world, even when everything is suffused with science, the demand for renewable resources is still high. and hence, there emerges another requirement for our day-to-day lives and a cherished future. i.e. the demand for solution seekers. Yes! the job opportunities are scattered in the Solar energy field of science and technology.

What does the training provide?

Our Solar training aims to equip the candidates with wide knowledge in various fields of science like structuring, designing, installing solar panels, electrical engineering, energy management, sustainable development, etc. The solar energy training course is made online now. Since there is a heavily growing demand towards energy crisis and climate change, we make sure that the learning is purely through experts who have international experience and expertise.

What we ensure through Solar training online?

Even in the global market, Solar energy has come a long way in its usage and selling. The cost has become even cheaper in countries that are placed in the sunnier regions. so it is mandatory to nourish the candidates of their curious minds with their confirmed needs.
1.Enriching of knowledge in various fields of science not only is solar energy.
2. Hands-on experience (offline) available.
3. Choose your field of interest like designing solar panels, Technicians, installation of solar panels, solar cells manufacturing, etc.
4. Job opportunities once the course is completed.
5. Fund for designing if required.

Who are eligible for solar online course training?

1.If you are a graduated candidate, you must have a graduation certificate in any field of science.
2. If you have just completed your +2, your major subject should be physics, chemistry, or computer science.
3. If you are a candidate who wishes to pursue a diploma course online,
you are welcome.
4.If you are on a thesis process based on Solar energy, you will be required to submit the thesis background details.
5. The candidate must be a resident of Chennai or must be currently living in Chennai if you opt for offline classes.
6. If you are an institution as a whole, your course details must match the criteria. (Contact us to know more).

Solar online course – Duration details

1. Regular courses: Duration – 6 months to 12 months
(Based on your field of interest)
2. Diploma courses: Duration – 3months (Weeknd batches available).
3. Certified Courses: Duration – 5 days only

Generally, sessions will be from 8 AM – 5 PM for weekend batches.
8 AM – 12 AM (4 hours – Morning Batch)
2 PM – 6 PM ( 4 hours – Afternoon Batch)

Note: Allotments of seats and batches are keenly based on a first come first serve basis and strictly 40 students only per batch for an effective way of transferring the knowledge.
To know the Fee structure, refer to our portal (

Solar training – Course details

The solar online course provides the given below:
Designing, programming, and structuring of,
● Solar Design
● Roof Top Design
● Solar AC
● Solar Software
● Solar batteries and cells
● Floating solar power plant
● Rooftop Solar power plant
● Electric Vehicle charging station
● Solar Power plant
● Solar Power installation technician
● Solar Power Panel design
● Solar technician
● Demo on solar products
● Solar cell manufacturing
● Solar cell tabbing
● Electrical system design
● Manual and Lab practice sessions for utility-scale

To know more about the day-to-day sessions and the syllabus, refer to our portal (

Solar training Chennai – Call for action

Currently, we are into an initiative that serves as a platform for many inquisitive minds who work for NGOs or who are willing to do social work, create awareness, etc, this initiative by solar training Chennai in for you. Join us for a campaign “Preserve Solar Energy, Preserve Future”. This is purely free of cost and out of interest. Through this campaign, we create awareness of solar energy, its usage, and its demand in the global market.

Solar Online course in Chennai

We ensure a meaningful career with promised job opportunities. All that we expect from you is one basic quality. i.e. The Solution seeking attitude.

“We don’t have everything until everybody has everything”.

Kindly contact us for any further details required.
Phone: +91 9790881904

FAQs on Solar Training course

1) How do I become solar certified?
Very simple. Just complete 58 hours of course in any if the Solar energy based certified courses.

2) Is solar energy a good career?
Yes it is. If you have passion towards solar energy, then it is a field of exploration. Explore yourself as a solar installer, technician, solar cell designer etc. As it is an emerging field, you can have double Fun.

3) How long does it take to become a solar technician?
To become a solar technician, there is no particular time period, but yes, if you are enrolled under a technical solar energy certified courses. It will be based on the course duration along with practical knowledge.

4) Do I need to be certified to install solar panels?
Technically No. But having a certificate help you grow in this newly emerging industry

5) Is the solar industry growing?
Currently as per the demand of UNEP, reduction in carbon footprint is must. There comes the role of solar energy which reduces 50 percent of carbon footprint. Hence solar energy production in India a fast emerging field of science.