Breakthrough to Success – Webinar Series

March 20, 2021 10:30 am - April 17, 2021 1:00 pm

Breakthrough to success webinar Series

In these uniquely challenging times, the demand for effective strategies to face them has never been greater. We face problems that are complex and interconnected – problems that can. only be solved by people who see the bigger picture and adapt to an ever-changing context.

There is a need to constantly upgrade yourself to newer version of yourself else you might miss the bus. The series of webinars aims to bring out the best in you to achieve the results despite all odds.

The need of the hour is to step out of our comfort zone and take the highway of constant learning & evolving.
The Breakthrough to success webinar series is designed in such a way that it takes you through the basics first and moves to a higher platform. It is packed with activities and interactive discussions to help you discover a new you.

We have planned a 5 week webinar series with 2 webinars per week, one focussed on soft skills / interpersonal skills and another a technical training on Large Solar Park Design bringing the best of Renewable energy technologies, to help each one navigate through these tough times and arm you with the best tools and skills to be
successful irrespective of the situation.

The target audience are from students, professionals and design specialists in the Solar and engineering field.

Training Session Details and Agenda

Technical Session Speaker:  Mr. Balaji

Non Technical Session Speaker: Mr. Deepak Rajagopalan

Time : 10.30 AM – 01.00 PM

Module 1: 20th March, 2021

Technical Session:

  • Introduction to Solar Park Design
  • Commercial Opportunities for Developers and Investors – land, infrastructure, approvals

Non Technical Session: 

  • Know thy self – Internal and External awareness which will help you understand your values, passions, aspirations, fit with our environment and reactions.

Module 2 : 27th March 2021

Technical Session:

  • Designing of DC side Equipment for various configurations within solar park.
  • Energy Yield Estimation and ROI using various software tools.

Non Technical Session:

  • Get Set Go – Importance of goals and the techniques  involved in setting achievable goals paves the way for success.

Module 3: 3rd April 2021

Technical Session: 

  • Designing of AC side 400V/11kV, 1.25MVA Substation Equipment.
  • Selection of DC Equipments Solar Panel, Various Technolgies for maximize IRR

Non Technical Session: 

  • Speak up Workshop – Importance of being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills

Module 4: 10th April, 2021

Technical Session:

  • Designing of AC side 33kV/110kV Substation Equipment.
  • Selection of DC Equipment – Inverter design/configurations catering to a different blocks within the park to maximise output.

Non Technical Session:

  • Together We Win – Team Building like Big Picture, Interpersonal Relations, Empathy and building trust.

Module 5 : 17th April, 2021

Technical Session: 

  • Detailed View / SLD
  • Best Practices & Power Plant Certification

Non Technical Session: 

  • Stretching out your Stress – This webinar will arm you with easy-to-use tools to stay calm at all times and manage your Work-Life balance better.

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