Why performance optimization?


Investors, owners, operators and buyers should be aware of unreliable production caused by under-performing PV modules and systems. Optimization of solar power plants can:

  • Ensure that systems perform sufficiently and economically to achieve forecasted earnings
  • Identify and eliminate deviations from ideal performance results

Our services:

Our experts can help you by providing valuable information with comprehensive performance optimization services such as:

    • Record performance ratio of the maximum possible and actual energy yields in various climate zones
    • Collect field data on module defects and system failures and to test PV components and modules using sophisticated accelerated ageing procedures in the laboratory
    • Detect and analyze premature failure of modules in the field (for example, binning and resizing the low performing panels and rearrange the panel strings to optimize the output).
    • Applying collected data to yield prediction models where it is verified and validated
    • Analyze technical assessments according to the business plan to determine whether technical and economic evaluations are consistent and how performance can be optimized
    • Provide investors, EPCs and insurers comprehensive support for both the early assessment and long-term quality of products


  • Increase security for investors, developers and operators of solar power plants by systematically collecting, analyzing and presenting yield data from PV systems.
  • Significantly improve performance over time, incorporating performance data, visual inspection and infrared imaging to map and analyze trends
  • Identify and eliminate any issues challenging ideal performance results by simulating real operations using various on-site approval and performance tests.

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